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Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne Prices

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne Prices – It does come down to what we do and how much it costs, this page outlines the services that we do and the price that it will cost you.  Remember you will look amazing at the end of your treatment and it is worth every dollar spent to be able to rely upon the skills of Melbourne’s Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist – Manal Mourad.



Feather Touch Brow Tattoo
Whether to transform sparse brows, hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or hormonal imbalance causing fall out to the brow hair, this semi-permanent technique mimics natural hair like stroke to make the brow appear fuller.

Powder Finish Brow Tattoo
Powder finish Tattoo involves shading the brow from end to end creating a full yet subtle shading. This method is ideal for those wishing to create a fuller brow. If you have ever struggled with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow makeup then you will truly appreciate semi permanent makeup.

Combination brows
The best of both worlds treatment where the inner brows are feathered with hair stroke and the tails are powdered to achieve definition.

Perfecting Visit
4-6 weeks after initial treatment you will need to visit to discuss the healed outcome and to also perfect any small touch ups needed.

Retouch & Refreshment of Color
Recommended every 12 months to keep brows looking defined.


Cosmetic Lip tattoo is the perfect option for those that wish to transform uneven or thin lips or for those who simply want to restore volume and colour to create luscious youthful looking lips. *Important note – if you are prone to suffer from coldsore breakouts past or present, you will need to use an anti-viral breakout medication 1 week before and 1 week after lip tattooing.


Eyeliner is Key element to accentuating and enhancing the shape, colour and size of your eyes and included in many womens morning make up routine. Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo is the perfect solution for those with allergies, vision problems, active lifestyles or for those that simply find it difficult to apply an even precise line. You may choose a subtle barely there lash line enhancement which creates fuller thicker looking lashes that discreetly defines and frames the eyes or opt for a more striking and defined top or bottom tattoo line of your desired thickness which may also be finished with a winged tail.

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne Prices


Feather Stroke Tattoo – 1½ hours – $665
(perfecting visit inclusive)
Powder Finish Tattoo – 1½ hours – $665
(perfecting visit inclusive)
Combination Brow Tattoo – $765
(perfecting visit inclusive)

Retouch and Refreshment of Color
12 months $200
12-24 months $400
24 months + Full Price
Refreshing another technicians work – POA
Correction Work – POA

Lashline Top – $350
Lashline Lower – $350
Top & Lower Lashline – $600
Eyeliner Top Lid – $400
Lower Lid – $400
Top & Lower Lid – $700

Lip Line & Blend – $600
Full Lip – $800
Ombre Lip – $800