Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne – FAQsCosmetic Tattoo Melbourne

We have been asked many questions before and we do not want to hide the experience from you – we have collated a list of the most common questions below for you to be upto speed before you arrive, however we understand that there may be questions that do not appear on this list that we are happy to talk to you about before your treatment.

Please give us a call on the details on our Contact page, we can put your mind at ease long before you arrive for your first treatment.  We can also ensure that any questions you have about pre or post treatment are answered also.  Remember no question is a silly question – we have been asked many things and you might be surprised that I have been asked your question before.

Generally cosmetic tattooing is pain free. Every client is different, however the application of a topical anesthetic, will make any discomfort minimal. Some clients may still feel a small amount of pain depending on their tolerance to topical anesthetic.

Any discomfort is short-lived when the long-term results are so apparent!

Yes, I have a wide range of colours that can be used and easily blended to the desired shade.

Powder Finish Brow Tattoo

Powder finish Tattoo involves shading the brow from end to end creating a full yet subtle shading. This method is ideal for those wishing to create a fuller brow. If you have ever struggled with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow makeup then you will truly appreciate semi permanent makeup.

Feather Touch Brow Tattoo

Whether to transform sparse brows, hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or hormonal imbalance causing fall out to the brow hair, this semi-permanent technique mimics natural hair like stroke to create a natural and fuller looking brow.

There is usually some swelling and/or redness, but little discomfort directly after the session. Ice packs may be used for short periods and a detailed after-care sheet is given.

Initially your cosmetic tattoo will look 30% to 50% darker or brighter than required, this is because the pigment is initially on the skin, as well as approximately 1mm below the surface. On the 2nd or 3rd day, the area will feel a little dry and flaky. Do not pick or peel at crust as this could cause pigment loss, scarring and delayed healing. Healing time may vary from person to person but generally within 10 days the true color has revealed itself resulting in a softer and natural brow. Daily use of Bepanthan ointment is highly recommended. A detailed after-care leaflet will be given to you immediately after the treatment.

We ask that you not schedule any social appointments the day of your treatment and to take care of the newly tattooed areas by avoiding sun (wear sunglasses and sun block), chlorine, sea water and saunas and make up for 10 days or when the area is healed enough that you don’t have to worry about infection.

Please be assured that your health and safety is of utmost importance. We dispose of our needles in front of our clients and our quality equipment, products and hygiene are our No.1 priority.

Initial appointment: 2 hours (including the consultation and numbing time).
Perfecting touch up: 1 hour.

For the Brows – Please Leave waxing for Manal leading up to your appointment. Please note: unlike a normal tattoo, we do NOT shave the hair off.

For the Lips – If you suffer or prone to cold sore breakouts past or present a prescribed Antiviral treatment course is to be taken 1 week prior and post Lip Tattooing procedure

Eyeliner – Do Not wear contact lenses during the procedure or 24hours after.
Removal of Lash extensions prior to procedure and not applied until 2 weeks after procedure.  6-8 Touch -up sessions also requires removal of lash extensions.

Discontinue active skincare 1-2 weeks before treatment (e.g. Vitamin A, chemical peels, prescribed skincare etc.)

Inform Manal before your treatment if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or any medical conditions and allergies that may interfere with treatment.

Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours prior to procedure (do not cease regular medications unless talking to your GP).

No alcohol on the day of your procedure.

You cannot submerge the area in pool/salt water for a minimum of 2 weeks, therefore it is NOT recommended to plan this treatment close to any holidays or swimming events.
Makeup can be worn around, but not over the area for a minimum of 2 weeks.

It is not recommended to use any tanning products near the area while it is healing

A special tattoo balm will be applied to the area for 2 weeks.

Further aftercare instructions will be given to you at your appointment

Cosmetic tattooing is a multi-step process. A touch-up appointment is scheduled at 8 weeks after your initial appointment. Colour retention varies depending on the individual, skin type and client compliance of home care instructions.

Semi Permanent make up can last several years.The longevity of colour in the skin cannot always be predicted. Some skins hold colour longer and stronger than others, while others fade leaving a light residue in the skin. Pigment may fade or change according to lifestyle, skin type, medications, age and use of active skincare products such as Retin-A and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s).
A colour refreshment is recommended every 12-18mths to keep your enhancements fresh and defined. Lips and Eyeliner tend to last longer


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Planning to fall pregnant

If you are under the age of 18 years of age

Taking medication (of any kind)

Have any known medical conditions

Had a previous reaction to waxing/tinting treatments

Planning to have Cosmetic Surgery or injectables

Suffer from keloid scarring

Suffer from severe allergies

Any internal and/or external factors that you think may affect the procedure

OILY SKIN: Sometimes Oilier skin types don’t hold pigment as well as others. You can still have this service, but need to be aware your skin may be a bit more stubborn in holding the pigment.


FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS– Can result in fading

DIABETES – may have trouble with healing


MEDICATION: Please check with me first as many types of medication can thin the blood, Bleeding Disorders – Blood disorders that affect clotting such as hemophelia, anemaior platelet disorders that cause excessive bleeding during the procedure may not get the best results.

LITHIUM (Cosmetic tattooing has been shown not to hold well with those taking this medication)


FLU OR COLD: Please contact me immediately if you are unwell.

ALLERGIES: to Lignocaine/Tetracaine.- These ingredients are found in the numbing used

HEART PROBLEMS: Please get Doctors approval.

CANCER/ CHEMO: Doctor’s clearance is necessary.

PREGNANT OR BREAST FEEDING MUMS: Due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding no guarantee that pigment will hold. Possible Risk to unborn or breastfeed baby procedure will NOT be performed.

SHINGLES: (varicella): If you have shingles on your face, wait several months to get this service.

BOTOX: (You are best to have your tattooing first) or wait until botox has settled.

ACNE MEDICATION: Please chat to me about this before booking an appointment.

AHA’s:(Lactic, Glycolic, Citric, Retin -A and Tartaric Acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for exfoliating, fading can discolor your eyebrows.

ALCOHOL: You cannot have any alcohol 48hours prior to your procedure

FAKE TAN: Please don’t wear this to your appointment

COLD SORE – For Lip tattooing – Anti-herpes breakout cream to be taken 1 week prior and post Lip Tattooing procedure